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Is a tree survey a legal requirement?

A tree survey isn’t always required by law, but it may be needed for certain situations like applying for planning permission or complying with local regulations. It helps ensure that trees are properly considered in construction projects, preventing legal issues and protecting the environment.

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Other questions answered

What is the British Standard timber Code?

The British Standard timber Code, specifically BS 5268, sets guidelines for the structural use of timber in construction. It covers everything from the selection of timber, design, and construction methods, to ensure safety and durability in wooden structures. This...

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What are Category B trees?

Category B trees are those identified in a tree survey as having moderate quality. These trees aren't the top specimens but still contribute significantly to the landscape's character and biodiversity. They may not be as vital as Category A trees, which are of high...

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How often should trees be inspected?

Trees should ideally be inspected at least once a year by a qualified arborist. However, the frequency of inspections may vary depending on factors such as tree age, health, location, and proximity to structures or people. Regular inspections help identify any...

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What is the code for tree surveys?

The code for tree surveys, often referred to as the industry standard, is BS5837. This code outlines guidelines and procedures for assessing trees on development sites in the UK. It covers aspects such as tree species identification, measurement of tree dimensions,...

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What does a tree survey include?

A tree survey includes a detailed inventory of trees within a specific area. It notes each tree's species, size, health, and life expectancy. The survey also assesses the condition of the trees, checking for disease or damage, and measures their distance from...

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What is a BS5837 tree survey?

A BS5837 tree survey is basically a detailed check-up for trees where construction is planned. Experts follow a set UK rulebook (BS5837) to record what trees are there, what condition they're in, and how big they are. This helps make sure that the trees are considered...

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