Tree Surgery Essex

Welcome to our premier Essex tree surgery services by Green Canopy. Our skilled arborists enhance tree health and beauty through pruning, removal, and specialised care and tree health assesments. With a strong commitment to safety and the environment, we transform landscapes into thriving havens. Discover how Green Canopy revitalises your green spaces, ensuring tree well-being. Explore our services and nurture property beauty.

Tree Surgery Services in and around Essex

Our Essex-based tree surgery services encompass a wide range of expert care for your trees and hedges. From meticulous pruning to strategic tree felling, our team of qualified arborists is dedicated to enhancing the health and aesthetics of your green spaces. We use sustainable practices and the latest techniques to ensure the well-being of your trees and the safety of your property. Discover our commitment to excellence in every task, whether it’s a simple hedge trim or a complex tree conservation project.

tree consultancy

Tree Surveys in Essex

Comprehensive tree surveys for health, safety, and planning. Essential for property owners and developers in Essex.

OPM Services in Essex

Specialised Oak Processionary Moth management in Essex, ensuring safe removal and environmental protection.


Tree Pruning and Shaping in Essex

Expert tree pruning and shaping services in Essex. Enhance tree health and aesthetics with precision care.


Hedge pruning and maintenance in Essex 

Professional hedge pruning and maintenance in Essex. Keep your hedges healthy, tidy, and well-shaped.

    tree planting in Essex 

    Tree planting services in Essex for landscape enhancement and ecological benefits. Expert advice and planting care.


    Pollarding in Essex

    Specialist pollarding services in Essex to maintain tree health and manage growth in urban areas.

    Tree Felling in Essex 

    Safe and efficient tree felling services in Essex. Expert removal of hazardous or unwanted trees.

    Stump Removal in Essex

    Comprehensive stump removal services in Essex, ensuring complete extraction and site clearance.


    Irrigation & Watering in Essex

    Effective irrigation and watering solutions for trees in Essex, promoting healthy growth and vitality.


    Tree Conservation in Essex

    Dedicated tree conservation services in Essex, focusing on preservation and ecological sustainability.

    Fungi identification in Essex

    Expert fungi identification for trees in Essex, ensuring accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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