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How much should a tree survey cost in the uk?

How much should a tree survey cost in the uk?

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Tree surveys are really important for managing properties, planning cities, and protecting the environment because they help us understand if trees are healthy, safe, and how much they are worth. The cost of doing these surveys depends on how many trees there are, their health, how old they are, and what the survey is specifically looking for.

This article covers the different kinds of tree surveys you can do, what they’re for, and gives a basic idea of how much they might cost, helping people who own land or develop it to plan their budgets more accurately.

Types of Tree Surveys and Their Costs

Health & Safety Survey

  • Purpose: Identifies potential hazards posed by trees to people or properties.
  • Includes: Onsite survey, defect identification, mitigation recommendations, and a comprehensive report with tree itinerary and plan.
  • Starting Cost: £250

BS5837 Tree Survey for Planning

  • Purpose: Ensures trees are considered in development project planning.
  • Includes: Onsite survey, BS5837 standard tree categorisation, Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Arboricultural Method Statement, and creation of Tree Constraints, Removal, and Protection Plans.
  • Starting Cost: £350

Tree Preservation Order & Conservation Area Applications

  • Purpose: Facilitates work on trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) or located in conservation areas.
  • Includes: Site visit, council work recommendations on TPO trees, and Planning Portal application submission.
  • Cost Range: £50-£100

Mortgage Tree Report

  • Purpose: Assesses potential tree-related risks to property for mortgage approval.
  • Starting Cost: £299

Tree Valuations

  • Purpose: Determines the monetary value of trees for insurance, compensation, or development considerations.
  • Starting Cost: £300

Factors Influencing Tree Survey Costs

The cost is affected by the survey type, number and size of trees, their health, and the survey’s complexity. The surveyor’s expertise and qualifications also play a critical role in determining the price, highlighting the importance of professional experience.

Choosing the Right Tree Surveyor

Selecting a qualified tree surveyor is key. Opt for professionals with a proven track record and knowledge of local regulations. At Green Canopy we specialise in tree surveys and have helped many clients throughout North London, Hertfordshire and Essex

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