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Tree surveys are more than just a cursory glance at trees. They represent a meticulous and systematic approach to understanding the intricate details of trees within a specific area or property.

The Process: Conducted by experienced arborists, a tree survey involves a thorough examination of each tree. Arborists assess the species, age, height, diameter, overall health, and potential hazards. They may also use specialised equipment to gauge the internal health of a tree, identifying issues that might not be visible externally.

Documentation: Post-assessment, a detailed report is generated. This document provides insights into the current state of the trees, potential risks, and recommendations for future care or interventions. It might also include annotated maps or diagrams, giving a visual representation of the tree locations and their conditions. This is required for insurance purposes and to ensure the safety of all entering the premises.

– You will receive a report detailing the defects of all trees, the needed work to remedy them and a reasonable time scale – some work may be flagged up as urgent!

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 While the primary goal is to understand tree health and structure, tree surveys also serve other purposes. They can be essential for property development planning, ensuring that trees are preserved and protected. Additionally, they help in adhering to local regulations, especially in areas where trees are protected by law.



Why Tree Surveys Matter

Tree surveys offer multiple advantages:

Informed Decisions

Tree surveys provide detailed insights, enabling you to make educated choices about tree care, ensuring their health and longevity in your surroundings.


Tree surveys highlight risks, pinpointing unstable trees or precarious branches, ensuring the safety of people, property, and other nearby trees.


Through tree surveys, one can identify trees needing protection or care, playing a pivotal role in conserving and nurturing our green heritage.

Regulatory Compliance

Tree surveys help navigate local tree protection laws, ensuring you’re compliant, avoiding potential legal complications or penalties.

Why Would Schools, Colleges & Universities, Parks and housing estates or business parks Need A Tree Survey?

If you are worried that a tree in the grounds of your institution could one day become a hazard, we can provide you with a Tree Risk Assessment Report that details the health of the tree and whether it could pose a danger to passers-by. These reports also provide proof of due diligence should you ever face litigation as a result of the trees.

Obviously, there are often young students in the educational institutions where we carry out work, all members of Green Canopy Consultancy and Tree Care are CRB checked and verified.

Of course, as funding in many education centres around the UK increases, it is no surprise that a huge number of them are expanding rapidly. However, if the site that is planned for construction lies close to a tree, it is likely that the institution will have to hire an arborist to carry out a BS5837 Tree Survey for Planning, to ensure that the foundations, once built, will not be affected or degraded by growing roots.
In a similar vein, lenders may ask for a tree mortgage report, by a tree surgeon if you are in the position where you are trying to buy a property with trees nearby that may, at some point in the future, affect the value of the property.

Some trees in the grounds of schools, colleges and universities, however, are likely to gain a special status depending on their age, type and looks. Trees such as this are provided with a Tree Protection Order or will have the area surrounding it to be a conservation area. While these tree’s can be moved, they can only be moved if the council are satisfied with the arboricultual consultant’s tree survey report on the TPO trees. ( Obviously this depends on size and age ).

Special trees can also add value to the property and its grounds as a whole, and so many landowners find it useful to learn the exact value of a tree Valuation report as evidence of conscientious care and responsibility.

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If you are worried that a tree in the grounds of your school, college, institution, housing estate, playground or park could one day become a hazard, at Green Canopy Consultancy and Tree Care, we can provide you with a Tree Risk Assessment Report that details the health of the tree/ trees and whether they could pose a danger to students or passers-by.

If you are buying a home, don’t forget to check the garden. Trees can pose a risk to the foundations of properties and hinder any building extensions that may be applied for in the future. Also, trees can play a huge part in neighbourly relations!
Another point worth considering is the impact a tree and working to control a trees growth can have in a terraced house where access is restricted.

Types of Tree Surveys We Carry Out

  • BS5837:2012 surveys for large and small-scale infrastructure projects.
  •   Delivery of technical notes, arboricultural method statements and scoping assessments.
  •   QTRA surveys and reports.
  •   Tree climbing for bats and assisting ecology with various protected species surveys.
  •   TPO, CA, ASNW and Veteran Tree assessments.
  •   Site supervision of contractors.
  •   Design and implementation of bespoke tree protection measures.
  •   Collaboration with the wider environment team disciplines- landscape, ecology, environmental management, heritage and more.
  •   Collaboration with designers, project managers and engineers to deliver infrastructure. projects whilst ensuring tree protection and retention is core to the design process.
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All of our arboricultural consultants are qualified, experienced and aware of the latest standards, enabling them to reduce risks in your development project by conducting tree assessments to an acceptable level using extensive expertise while working towards effective tree management.

With a reputation for providing expert tree inspections to reduce risk, supply detailed information, form sound decisions and act as an expert witness on a new development for well over a decade, we are a reputable company that you can trust.

For reassurances on the trees on your development site or simply to gain answers to common questions about the BS5837 tree survey or the other tree surveyor services we provide, get in touch with one of our tree consultants to chat about your site and project, and how to progress your planning application where trees are a material constraint.

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Is a Tree Survey Right for You?

Schools & Colleges

Concerned about potential tree hazards at your school? Green Canopy offers detailed Tree Risk Assessments to evaluate tree health and safety risks.


Worried about tree safety in parks? Green Canopy provides thorough Tree Risk Assessments to identify health issues and potential hazards in park trees.


For developers, BS5837 tree surveys are pivotal. They guide safe construction, ensuring harmony between new developments and existing greenery.


For developers, tree surveys are pivotal. They guide safe construction, ensuring harmony between new developments and existing greenery.


Surveys are useful when purchasing your home or business to ensure that the trees will not compromise the foundations and also to provide a tree management plan of keeping control of growth.


Landscaped areas elevate business premises. However, oak trees in these spaces can attract OPM. Businesses should prioritise tree health, safeguarding their environment for employees and clients.

Discover the Story of Your Trees

Every tree has a story, and our tree surveys help unravel it. Let Green Canopy guide you in understanding and caring for your trees.

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